The small town of Reefton is a place for everyone to enjoy - be it for a day or two, a week or a place to call home. Reefton's gold rush in the 1860's helped to establish a rich heritage. As well as being the first to have a public supply of electricity, the town was the first to switch on an electric street lighting system in the Southern Hemisphere.
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Mountain biking in Reefton, West Coast, New Zealand

The best wilderness riding in history!

From Reefton, hand crafted pack tracks, dray roads and tram lines thread the luxurious beech forest into the Goldfields of Quartzopolis. This riding is the best wilderness riding you’ll find in history. Pick your preference for challenge and adventure and you will be rewarded. You may try an easy ride around town, or set your sights on a destination into the wilderness of the Victoria Forest Park. There is a selection of trails from grade 2 (beginner) to Grade 5 (advanced). The tracks may include one or all of the following: smooth single track, swing bridges, mud!, gravel roads, rock!, beautiful moss and ferns, logs! boardwalks and back country huts.

“The Reefton area has some of the most valuable historic relics a mountain biker could hope for – benched, perfect gradient single tracks through beech forest”

– Ruth Connor, The Mad Keen Mountain Biker’s Road Trip.

You can go mountain biking in four different areas around Reefton:

Reefton’s Quartzopolis Mountain Bike Challenge – 4th March 2017
Kirwans Helibike – 5th March 2017

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