Events and Other Reefton attractions

Reefton’s Quartzopolis Mountain Bike Challenge – 2017 event has been postponed
Kirwans Heli-Bike – 5th March 2017

See our Facebook Page for more details and registration information.

Quartzopolis II MaP

Last years event was held in fine conditions which resulted in a dry track and some fast times.  Check out some of the pictures snapped at the top of the saddle below.


Reefton – Big River Mine – Waiuta Historic Township. 35km – 60% historic road, 40% pack track.

Quartzopolis Classic 2011 Start
The Inaugural 2011 Quartzopolis Challenge start.

Other Reefton attractions:

Reefton has an abundant variety of recreational resources.  This page gives a taste of some of the other attractions that didn’t fit in anywhere else on the website:

The Rich Pools of Inangahua

No better way to enrich yourself than to be immersed in a freshwater swimming hole, then take your time crossing a glorious swing bridge. When the lowlands get hot, this drive to spot is a gem. The Inangahua swing bridge is 10 mins from town. Do take some sausages for the river stone barbeque.

Swimming around Reefton

The crystal clear pools of the Inangahua and Waitahu Rivers are irresistible on a hot summers day.  Take care when diving in to any pool without checking for underwater logs or stones.  Even if you have been swimming at a particular spot before it always pays to check if anything has changed.  See the map bellow for a few of the better known spots.




It is dangerous to swim during times of high river flow. For up to date water levels visit Inangahua River at Landing on the West Coast Regional Council website.


Rafting and Kayaking

There are some stunning whitewater river trips within a short distance of Reefton.  The Inangahua and the Upper Grey Rivers are most popular.   It can be as simple as grabbing an inner tube from the local garage and float down the Inanagahua River on the edge of town. Or if you really want to have a good trip get in touch with Inland Adventures for a guided rafting journey through the Gentle Annie Gorge on the Upper Grey River.



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