Reefton mountain bike tracks – Big River/Waiuta Tracks

“The Greatest Ride in History”. This is an epic ride through the heart of Reefton gold mining heritage and is the route taken for the annual Quartzopolis Challenge mountain bike race

The Rides:
While they are described below as two separate ride, follow both tracks to link Reefton with the historic town of Waiuta via Big River.

Big River Road Mountain Bike Track

Grade: 4 Advanced
Length: 2-3hrs/25km one way
Start point: Reefton
End point: Big River Hut

A challenging ride on a rough 4WD track through lush beech forest. From Reefton take SH7 towards Greymouth then turn left onto Soldiers Road. Follow the road until you see the Big River sign and veer left onto the 4WD track. The track from here includes mixed surfaces of gravel, mud and rock and some steep descents. Explore historic gold mining relics including the impressive and iconic Big River Mine Poppet Head. You may encounter the elusive kaka amongst many other native birds while up here. Enjoy lunch or an overnight stay at Big River Hut. Go back the way you came or carry on to Waiuta to complete the Quartz polis Classic route.

Big River to Waiuta Historic Township Mountain Bike Track

Grade: 4 Advanced
Length: 3-4hours/11km one way
Start point: Big River Hut
End point: Waiuta Historic Township

Technical benched single track that continues on from the end of the Big River 4WD track. Expect to experience a challenging range of surfaces from mud and corduroy to mixed flowing sections and smooth, gentle downhill. Continue traversing through beautiful beech forest before reaching the gravel road that leads to the historic town of Waiuta. A short, warm-down, circuit of the township will give you a sense of what life was like for the 600 strong population in its glory days, before it was deserted in the 1950’s.

Golden Tips: Get someone to pick you up in Waiuta and drive you back to Reefton.