Reefton mountain bike tracks – Blacks Point/Murray Creek

Get straight to the point… of mountain biking gold. Blacks Point has the finest riding. Follow the wide open trail up Murray Creek then choose from the vast catalogue of historic mining trails. With names like Energetic, Wealth of Nations, Ajax, Golden Fleece it will be a memorable ride.

These rides can be started from Reefton. But do make time for the amazing (eclectic) Blacks Point Museum or time your arrival for the locals, fully operational, stamper battery. “Ride, museum, ride”. Ohh and don’t forget a coffee back in Reefton.

Murray Creek Mountain Bike Track

Grade: 3 Intermediate
Time/Length: 2hrs/8km return
Start point: Blacks Point/Murray Creek carpark
End point: Inglewood Junction

A return trip climbing up a historic road to Waitahu Saddle. The open, easy flowing trail continues all the way to the Inglewood Junction and even to the Inglewood Mine. Return back the same way. See Ajax Track or the ‘Devil’s tail’ for further options.

Ajax Mountain Bike Track: The Machine Track

Grade: 4 Advanced
Time/Length: 2hrs/9km loop
Start point: Blacks Point/Murray Creek carpark

Start up the Murray Creek Track then loop around past the historic Ajax Mine and Stamper Battery. The track is mostly well-benched single track (intermediate grade) with a few steeper sections. The last 2km to the car park is steep and technical downhill.

Golden Tip:
Make some extra time to reconnect with history by exploring the infamous mining sites along the way – these include Chandlers, Inglewood and Ajax/Golden Fleece.

Murray Creek to Waitahu Valley

What is the classic Reefton mountain bike ride?  We think it is “The Clematis Devil” one of the ten Quartzopolis Adventures Expedition Series.

The Clematis Devil Mountain Bike Track

Our first choice adventure mountain bike expedition is down the Devils Tail to Clematis Suspension Bridge. Ride freely through the combination of pack track and historic road, into the wilderness of beech forest and granite country. Continue into the valley like a winding vine, to the deep pools of the Clematis swing bridge. Here in spring the Clematis Flower is white like snow. You then follow an easy 4WD road back to a civilised coffee.

Ride 2km out of Reefton to Blacks Point to where the trail begins. It’s a 4-5 hour/25km loop to the Waitahu Valley and back along the road to town.

Grade: 4 Advanced
Length: 1-2hrs 6.5km one way (The Clematis Devil takes 4-5hours and is around 25km including  Historic pack track/4WD track/Road)
Start point: Blacks Point/Murray Creek carpark (or Reefton)
End point: Clematis swing bridge (or Reefton)

This track connects the Inungahua Valley with the Waitahu Valley.  However, by linking short sections of road at each end, a convenient loop starting and finishing at a Reefton cafe’ can be achieved (See “The Clematis Devil” description).  The track climbs up a historic road to the Waitahu Junction then drops down a benched single track ending with technical, devilish, descent down to the Clematis suspension bridge. Ride back to Reefton via Gannons Rd and the Reefton Highway.

See also this short video of part of the trail:  Waitahu mountain bike track

Lankeys Mountain Bike Track

Grade: 4 Advanced
Length: 1.5-2hrs/6km one way
Start point: Blacks Point/Murray Creek carpark
End point: Lankey Creek car park

Start up Murray Creek Track then turn off towards the Energetic Gold Mine site. The track follows an old tram track for most of the way. However, there are sections of steps and a steep, technical downhill to the Lankey Creek car park.

Golden Tip:
Put the effort in carrying your bike up the steps – when you hit the benched tram track, you won’t be disappointed.  It is a short ride back down the road to your car.